What Advantages Do Infrared Heaters Have Over Traditional Heaters?

As a homeowner, it is absolutely pertinent to make sure your home’s environment remains comfortable.

In the summer, you may be able to eliminate excess heat by opening the windows.

During the winter, it may be possible to bundle up to remain warm.

Nonetheless, there will come a time when you’re forced to utilize your heater.

Before doing so, you will first need to figure out precisely which heating equipment will be best for your home.

Some consumers will prefer a heat pump, but you should not ignore infrared heaters.

What advantages do infrared heaters have over traditional heaters?

You’ll find out below.

What Advantages Do Infrared Heaters Have Over Traditional Heaters?

Energy Consumption Reduction

First and foremost, you should realize that infrared heaters might be able to help you save energy and money.

Studies have shown that infrared heaters will be able to save the consumer in terms of fuel consumption.

The savings tend to vary between 20 percent and 50 percent, when compared to warm air systems.

This can make a world of different for homeowners, who are trying to save money on their monthly bills.

And, infrared heaters can still provide the heat that is needed to keep the climate warm and comfortable.


While heat pumps tend to be more powerful, infrared heaters are undeniably much more flexible and versatile.

It is enormously difficult to move HVAC ducts and adding a new vent will also be very costly and time consuming.

Therefore, infrared heaters are undeniably more flexible.

Depending on the specific heater you have, it is likely you will be able to move the equipment throughout your home, so it can be used where it is needed the most.

Many infrared heaters utilize a power cord and most have wheels at the bottom.

This makes them easily portable and suitable for use in almost any area of your home.

If you work at the computer and want to keep your legs warm, an infrared heater will do the trick in the most convenient and cost effective way possible.

Maintains Optimum Air Quality

Many HVAC units utilize air currents to create and transfer heat.

This makes it likely that these systems will bring pollutants into your home.

If the air outside is contaminated, the HVAC unit will eventually push those contaminants into your home.

This is never the case with an infrared heater.

These heaters do not require air currents and do not utilize them in any way.

Therefore, the amount of pollutants spread by the heater is reduced substantially.

Lower Emissions

As more and more consumers have become concerned about climate change, it has become more important to switch to green heating methods.

Some heating equipment will much more likely to release harmful emissions.

Since the infrared heater does not utilize an open flame or toxic products, it is considered to be much more environmentally friendly.

This equipment emits much fewer harmful emissions and burn clean.

Those that want to protect the environment would be wise to make the transition as soon as possible.

Almost Instant Warmth

If you rely on your heat pump to warm your home, you’ll understand how annoying it can be to wait for the home to warm up.

While the equipment will definitely begin to emit hot air almost immediately, it can take a good ten minutes or so for the air to circulate throughout the home.

This is not the case with the infrared heater.

As soon as the heater is plugged in and turned on, it will begin providing the consumer with warmth.

This is one of the reasons many homeowners will decide to utilize an infrared heater in conjunction with their traditional heater.

Very Quiet

In all likelihood, you’ve lived in a home with a heat pump.

And, it is highly likely you’ve been woken up in the middle of the night by the equipment switching on and off.

Heat pumps and other similar equipment can be very loud!

This is another major advantage of the infrared heater.

Infrared heaters are nearly silent when compared to the alternatives.

Those that reside in sensitive locations, such as dorms or apartments, might need to keep the audible noise to a minimum.

These individuals will be much better served by infrared heaters, since they operate almost silently.

Maintenance Requirements Are Minimal

A lot of homeowners absolutely hate having to clean and maintain their heating equipment.

HVAC units, kerosene, and other heating equipment will require a great deal of maintenance.

The filters need to be replaced and the coil will need to be cleaned regularly.

Failing to complete these tasks may reduce the longevity of the unit, while also reducing its performance.

This will not be a problem with the infrared heater.

This equipment requires very little maintenance.

The user doesn’t have to worry about moving parts, filters or a motor.

The unit’s reflectors may need to be cleaned every so often.

Nonetheless, the maintenance requirements associated with the infrared heated are limited compared to the alternatives.

Increased Safety

Although it depends on the specific unit in question, some infrared heaters are substantially safer than their competitors.

Kerosene heaters and fireplaces can be very dangerous.

This is the case, because the heating elements or flames are often visible and unprotected.

A dog or child could easily come in contact with the flame and get burned. With many infrared heaters, the heating elements will be enclosed in metal.

In most cases, it will be possible to touch the metal, without getting burned or feeling any pain.

If you have pets or young children, investing in a safe infrared heater would prove to be a wise decision.

Generally Affordable

Finally, it is important to remember that infrared heaters are readily available and the prices are usually minimal.

Infrared heaters tend to be substantially cheaper than other HVAC equipment, especially heat pumps.

In fact, most homeowners will be able to purchase several infrared heaters for the amount that it would cost to have a new heat pump installed in their home.

While the infrared heater might not be comprehensive solution, it can still be a good investment for many consumers.