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Infrared Heaters Reviews, Ratings and Comparison

Looking for a new infrared heater? We can help you find the one that best suits your needs with our infrared heaters reviews.

We also provide infrared heaters comparison charts as well so you can make sure you are getting the right infrared heater for your own personal needs.

Infrared heaters have become very popular because they are a great, low-cost heating source. They can run for pennies a day and supply a good amount of heat.

There are many different makes and models of infrared heaters including infrared portable heaters, quartz infrared heaters, electric infrared heaters and gas infrared heaters.

You can use infrared heaters in a variety of places. You can get infrared garage heaters, outdoor infrared heaters and even infrared patio heaters.

The first choice you will need to make is which brand of heater to buy. Some of the more popular brands are Sunheat, Fostoria, Sun Twin, EdenPURE and Solaira infrared heaters. Next you will need to determine what size you choose which will be largely dependent on how large the space you need to heat is.

Make sure and check out all of our infrared heater ratings and infrared heaters reviews to help you find the one that best fits your needs.

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Best Infrared Heater

If you’re looking for the best infrared heater brands, all you have to do is search online. This type of heater generates heat through gas or electric element.

With a reflector, such heat is directed outwards until it hits a surface or object. The appliance is also called quartz or radiant heater.

The infrared heaters are larger than fans ad is quieter as well. The best thing about it is that it is inexpensive. For around $20 to $450, you can always own one.

Currently, you can choose among three designs – tower, box, and dish. The latter is the most efficient because of the large reflector. Even if it’s unattractive, it is a good choice.

The box heater is a cube-like heater and is very functional. On the other hand, the tower heater comes with a slender case and small base.

Among these designs, the tower heater is the most attractive. You can find out the best infrared heater brands when you browse the web.

Perhaps you’ve already heard about Dr. Heater, EdenPure, Duraflame, and many others. Each of these brands offers several models that you can choose from. There are space and patio heaters that can meet your needs.

When buying a new heater, you will need to consider safety. According to infrared heater comparisons, supervised use of the infrared heater is needed.

Its best if the heater comes with an auto shut-off feature. As the temperature rises too high, the appliance will turn off on its own. You have to check the vents regularly because overheating may occur when there is blockage.

Most small heaters have a tip-over switch that is usually found at the base. When the heater is tipped even at the slightest angle, the heater will turn off.

The infrared heaters are quite sensitive especially when you use it over rugs or thick carpet. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to use it properly.

As an educated consumer, you will need to conduct an online research to learn about this technology. With the comparison sites, you can compare two or more brands. Find out the best infrared heater brands today and you can already buy the one you need.

Outdoor Infrared Heaters Reviews

Have you seen outdoor infrared heaters in local and online stores? This type of heater uses infrared heat waves when heating a room, material, or object.

Permanent installation of outdoor heaters is now available, so there is no need worry about storing the device. Such heaters can also be used for any type of business like bistros, restaurants, and cafes.

If you have a balcony, this is a great investment as well so that you can keep guests and your family warm even on a cold day.

The heat from the infrared heater is not blown away. The produced heat is like that of the sun’s heat, thereby warming objects and people and the surrounding air.

If the weather is windy, you can still have a great time in the outdoors. You can find commercial grave heaters, low profile designs, pole mounted heaters, and wall mounted heaters, umbrella design heater, and many others. You can buy the heaters at $145 to $525, depending on the model or brand that you like.

You can use the internet to shop for the right infrared outdoor heaters. With so many choices in the market, you will find it daunting to pick the right brand or model.

You can use the many online resources to look into the features and pricing of the products that you like. Comparisons will allow you to make an informed decision. There are many things that you can do outside during the day or night.

You can eat out at your patio or hand out with family. Cold temperature is typical is most regions and its just right that you invest on a quality and durable heater.

Some people still prefer to shop locally because they get to see the heater personally. Don’t forget to inquire about the item’s heating element and which type of infrared is used.

The answers to your questions can serve as basis in making the right choice. Be prepared to do your homework. With knowledge comes power!

Try to gather enough information first to find the best outdoor infrared heaters reviews that can meet your needs and most especially, your budget.

Infrared Garage Heater Review

Shopping for an  infrared garage heater is really easy these days. You are not limited to the local appliance stores selling the heaters since you can also shop online.

If you have a credit or debit card, it is possible to make a purchase from online stores. Whether you have a manufacturing plant, shop space, or small garage, you can find the right heater that will meet your requirements.

The infrared heater is basically a heating appliance that emits radiant wave energy. When the waves strike an object or surface, heat is produced which results to warmed air in the area.

It operates like that of the sun. The sun’s energy heats up the planet and in return, the planet heats air. The same principle is used for the infrared heaters.

There are many benefits of using the infrared garage heaters. Usually, the heaters are mounted on the wall or are attached to poles.

Either way, the energy is not converted to heat in mid-air because it needs to strike objects or floors. The stored energy is converted into heat, thereby warming the surrounding. You will notice that the floors become warm which is a good indication that heat is used and not wasted.

Did you know that you can save around 50% on the electricity costs by using an infrared garage heater? It is practical to have a heater in your garage, provided that it has a low ceiling height and is about 300-900 sq ft.

When you buy the heater, it will already come with a thermostat wire and thermostat. Since the heaters are vent-free, you will notice a little humidity.

Again, you should only buy the reputed brands in the market because heaters are not the same, in terms of performance.

There are low and high quality ones in the market. The best way to find the best infrared heaters is to conduct an online search.

You have to pick at least top three heaters that offer the best features and pricing and look at the infrared garage heater review to see which rates the best.

Compare these models carefully based on factors like safety feature, add-ons, and price. The best infrared garage heaters are sold by reputed stores online, so make the purchase today.

Electric Infrared Heaters Reviews

The best electric infrared heaters are not just for warming bus stops. With its versatile features, it can become a source of portable heat.

The good news is that it electric infrared heaters reviews show that they are energy efficient as well. The technology used in this appliance is silent, odorless, clean, and safe.

If you’re looking for an indoor heater, this is the best option since there are no emissions. The smaller units can be plugged into a wall outlet if you want to use them but if you get the large units, you will need a separate circuit breaker.

When most people think infrared heaters they mainly think of infrared garage heaters and electric infrared patio heaters. However, you can now also use it for mud rooms, chilly basements, and other rooms in the house.

With so many brands to choose from, you will need to look at infrared electric heater reviews to compare the features, size, and pricing of the models.

Some models are suited for table tops but there are also ones designed for industrial use. The wattage may vary depending on the unit that you buy.

You can find 300 watts to 500 watts infrared heaters. You’re guaranteed to get an efficient appliance even if you get the smallest models.

The best electric infrared heaters allow users to program the usage and it also has wattage settings and safety switches.

The quietness of the infrared heaters is one of the great features. You can say goodbye to the crackling noises and pops that are very common among regular heaters.

Since the heater is odorless, you can help in preserving the ozone. The room is heated evenly using the electric infrared heater.

The heaters are available in a wide range of prices. In fact, you can find models priced around $20 and the larger ones reaching about $400.

Once you turn off the electric heater, the heat dissipates quickly. This is the evident drawback of the electric models. You need to be aware that the heaters are not the same.

You have to stick with the reputed brands to save on electric costs and electric infrared heaters reviews can help you out in that aspect. Some of the top brands are Soleus, EdenPURE and Optimus.

Quartz Infrared Heaters Reviews

One of the more popular and talked about quartz infrared heaters is the EdenPure brand. These infrared quartz heaters and endorsed by celebrities like Bob Villa and Richard Karn.

Quartz infrared portable heaters are a great way to heat your home at a reduced cost as opposed to running your central heating. They can run for pennies a day and the savings can add up quick.

Most quartz infrared heaters reviews are very positive and one of the most talked about positive reviews is that they provide a nice even heat.

This is because the infrared waves are absorbed by water molecules in the air producing a even heat and the waves are also absorbed by objects in your house like furniture which then radiate the heat back into the room.

They also are a great way to cut your energy bill with many users reporting up to a 50% reduction in their heating bills.

Some the savings depend on where and how much you are using your quartz infrared heater but in most cases you will see a noticeable difference in your heating bills.

Another great feature is that they are much safer to using than a standard space heater which are a major cause of home fires.

The quartz infrared heating element never reaches a temperature hot enough to ignite a fire. As the name implies, they contain a quartz bulbs that provides the heating source and they are contained in a cabinet like enclosure that protects young children or even animals from touching the bulbs and getting injured.

If you look at quartz infrared heaters reviews you will notice that some of the top brands are EdenPure, Optimus, Honywell, Dr Heater, and Lifemsart.

These infrared heaters have been around for many years but have seemed to gain popularity as of late due to the energy savings they provide.

Infrared Portable Heater Reviews

Infrared portable heaters are a great option for your heating needs because it is very cost efficient and also because you can move the heater from one room to another. A portable infrared heater produces infrared waves that travel quickly and produce heat in 2 different ways.

The first way a infrared portable heater produces heat is by the infrared waves being absorbed by water molecules in you air. By producing heat in this manner in helps the heat be evenly distributed from floor to ceiling.

The second way a infrared heater produces heat is by penetrating and heating objects in the room directly. These objects then radiate heat back into your room. Infrared waves have a short wavelength which helps them penetrate better and produce a better heat.

Of course, the #1 reason most people buy infrared portable heaters is because they are very cost efficient and can run for pennies a day and can cut your heating bill in half.

When you look at infrared portable heater reviews you will notice that some of the top brands are EdenPURE, BioSmart and Dr. Heater infrared heaters.

All three of these brands tend to get favorable reviews. You will want to take a look at the ratings of each to see how many square feet they can heat to make sure they can supply enough heat for the room you plan on using them in.

Some of the negative infrared portable heater reviews are related to the heater not supplying enough heat for a room. In most cases the cause of this is that the person choose a heater that was too small for the square footage of the said room.

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