Infrared Wall Mount Heater Indoor/Outdoor Commercial/Residential

Product: Blackstone Solar Comfort 1300 Watt

Solar comfort is an Infrared Heater powered by electricity. As the name suggests, Infrared heaters use IR light to heat the surroundings, since infrared does not lie in the visible spectrum, it is invisible to human eyes.

The heating effect is somewhat similar to sun rays but you do not face the UV radiation and there is no visible light. Solar comfort is rated 1300 watt/ 1100v and is suitable in both indoors and outdoors environments.

This product has an IP65 rating and can withstand very harsh environments.

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Infrared Wall Mount Heater Indoor/outdoor Commercial/residential

The way Infrared heaters heat the environment is by heating the nearby objects, which in turn heat the air that surrounds them and this is known as ‘Ambient Heat’.

With this product, Blackstone has gone further with this Ambient Heat concept and have added ¼ inch thick aluminum casing which acts as a heat sink and dissipates the heat to the air from its IR element itself.

The casing increase the Ambient Heating properties of this heater by 80% as compared to the competition.

Unlike other IR Heaters, Solar Comfort does not release any types of toxic fumes into the environment due to combustion from propane, etc. as it is electric powered.

Its major strengths lie when the environment is not favorable for other types of heaters. Since it does not rely on air for dissipation of heat, its functionality is not really disrupted due to bad weather conditions during outdoor operations and can be used during rain, snow, etc.

Solar Comfort comes with mounting brackets and can easily be wall mounted or mounted on a compatible aftermarket stand which makes it portable and easily deployable.

Even the heat provided is instant. As soon as you turn it on, you can feel the direct warmth due to the directional nature of infrared and lack of need for any medium to transfer heat.

While operating, it is extremely silent and is able to reach its peak output within seconds.

Apart from all that, this IR heater is very environment friendly due to no emissions of any fumes and have an operating cost of around 12 cents/ hour, which is relatively low when compared to other heaters.

Going to a conclusion, it is a strongly built product with weather proofing to help you stay warm when other heaters leave you stranded.

Infrared Wall Mount Heater Indoor/outdoor Commercial/residential

Included mounts make it very easy to install anywhere you like and its aluminum casing makes it more efficient to provide better heating capability.

And most importantly, it is very economical to run. However, there are certain heaters present in the market which also claim to not take away humidity or oxygen from the surroundings and provide a better and breathable atmosphere when used for longer periods of time and it could have been a plus point for Solar Comfort if it could also do that.

All in all, Solar Comfort is an exceptional product available at a good price and a decent buy due to all the features and efficient heating capabilities.

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